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By Dieter Thom

Dieter Thom's masterful clarification and protection of Classical ( old premillennialism )

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Then with smooth words he will defile those who have rejected the covenant. But the people who are loyal to their God will act valiantly. These who are wise among the people will teach the masses. However, they will fall by the sword and by the flame, and they will be imprisoned and plundered for some time. When they stumble, they will be granted some help. But many will unite with them deceitfully. Even some of the wise will stumble, resulting in their refinement, purification, and cleansing until the time of the end, for it is still for the appointed time.

49 A Classic Premillennial Eschatology The Promise of Restoration In the first year of Darius son of Ahasuerus, who was of Median descent and who had been appointed king over the Babylonian empire – in the first year of his reign I, Daniel, came to understand from the sacred books that, according to the word of the LORD disclosed to the prophet Jeremiah [29:10-14], the years for the fulfilling of the desolation of Jerusalem were seventy in number. …He has carried out his threats against us and our rulers who were over us by bringing great calamity on us – what has happened to Jerusalem has never been equaled under all heaven!

False believers betraying true believers The Sovereignty of God Roman Catholicism The God of War: Odin Roman Catholics – professing Christianity The Muslim coalition led by the Saudis will attack him. The ‘small army’ has now become ‘a large armada of ships’- obviously he has had time to manufacture many more weapons. His power has clearly increased greatly. e. the modern State of Jordan. Many sacred pagan sites of worship here like Petra, Jerash and Um Qais. 47 A Classic Premillennial Eschatology 11:42 11:43 11:44 11:45 12:1 12:2 12:3 12:4 He will extend his power against other lands; the land of Egypt will not escape.

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