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On arrival on the orbiting station, which had now completed 14 years aloft, their first task was to track down a number of troublesome air leaks. Pressure in the station had fallen and they burned oxygen candles to bring it up from 628 mm. Next, they again fired the Progress engines to raise the orbit of the complex. The recommissioning of Mir took place just as the Sun was reaching the busiest point in its 11-year cycle. At solar 30 The Rebirth of the Russian Space Program Alexander Kaleri maximum, the Sun's rays had the greatest effect in agitating the molecules of the upper atmosphere, increasing air drag, which caused Mir's orbit to dip by about a kilometer each day.

Contractors in turn could not pay their suppliers and many activities slowed down or even ground to a halt. This time, there was a resigned acceptance that if government money did not arrive, it would not be coming late: it just would not be coming at all. The numbers in the space industry were now down to a quarter of the Soviet period, about 100,000. For those who remained, wages were at rock bottom: the makers of the Energomash world-beating RD-180 engine had an average wage of R3,000 a month, or $104.

The Mir collision was not the first dangerous moment, for only three months previously there had been a fire on Mir when an oxygen container had gone off and burned like a blow torch. The Russians had been in no hurry to tell the Americans about the fire, nor had they warned NASA about the dangers of the TORU experiments that brought about the collision [3]. WINDING MIR DOWN: "GRIEF IN OUR HEARTS" With the departure from Mir of Andy Thomas, the last American, in June 1998, the way was set for the two partners to go on to build the International Space Station (ISS), for which the start was set later that year.

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