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By Gail Jarrow

Discusses medieval castles, why they have been equipped, who outfitted them, how they have been built, how they have been used, their deterioration, and their fix and recovery.

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The passage had obstacles to hinder invaders, such as sharp turns or hidden ceiling above the passage contained openings that murder holes. Defenders used murder and drop the pits. The were called holes to shoot arrows rocks, boiling water, or hot sand onto intruders. If enemy a fire in the entrance, defenders lit poured water through the murder holes onto the flames. Improving the Towers In addition to the gatehouse towers, builders added towers along the curtain wall. These towers stuck out from the curtain and rose higher than of the towers and shoot it.

Defenders Resist Defenders fought against the siege tower by pushing it over or throwing heavy rocks on it until it collapsed. They also tried to burn although attackers covered the siege it, tower with wet animal hides to resist flames. was surrounded by water, the attacking army could not use its siege towers. But if the moat was dry, attackers filled the ditch with logs, brush, and dirt, then pushed the siege tower across to the castle wall. If the castle Bombarding the Walls Besides battering rams and siege towers, attackers used powerful throwing weapons to break into the castle.

Was too narrow for attackers to shoot into. Arrow loops were placed so that the entire curtain wall and land around the castle were within the archers' outside, however, it shooting range. The doors into the towers were constructed with oak planks, metal plates, and heavy nails. from the inside with wide enough With were small for a They could be locked beam. Since doorways were only one person, they were window openings and easier to defend. strong doors, towers difficult to invade. Built for Strength A castle was designed to withstand battering and back the enemy.

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