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As language consists of words, words of syllables, and syllables of simple sounds, these latter provide the natural starting-point of the grammarian's enquiry. w) These elements, or principles, must be not only beyond sense perception, but also incorporeal. This is not meant to imply that any imperceptible and incorporeal entities which are found must necessarily be accepted as principles. For instance, though ideas and 16 THE PREHISTORY OF RESEARCH INTO FOUNDATIONS solid forms are imperceptible and incorporeal, they cannot be accepted as principles, as both ideas and solid forms presuppose number.

28) Parmenides 28 B 2; cf. 28 B 8; the first text seems to be directed against Anaximenes 13 A 6. 80) Melissus 30 B 10; Aristotle, Metaphysics A 5, 986 b 18. 81) P. Tannery, Pour l'histoire de la scicnce hellene, Paris 1887. 82) I agree with B. L. van der Waerden, Zenon und die Grundlagenkrise der griechischen Mathematik (Math. Ann. vol. 177, 1940), that there are no grounds to attribute, with H. HlI8se-H. Scholz, Die Grundlagenkrisis der griechischen Mathematik (KantBtudicn vol. 33, 1922), a system of infinitesimal calculus a la Cavalieri to Zeno's opponents; we must rather ascribe to them an atomistic conception of the continuum comparable to the views of Giordano Bruno; cf.

9) Lucianus, Vitarum auctio, 22; for Aristotle's reply, cf. De eophisticis elenchie 24, 179 a 34. ius, De vitis, &c. VII, 82; Cicero, Academica II, 49; for Aristotle's reply, c]. De sophisticis elenchis 179 b 34. 61) The following views on Plato's relations with the Megarics are similar to those defended by J. , London 1908. It seems to me that the rejection of these views by F. M. Cornford, Plato and Parmenidee, London 1939, p. 101, derives from the conventional underestimation of the Megaric School, which is reflected by the author's statement: 'The followers of Euclides soon gained a reputation for eristic, and they seem to have contributed nothing more important than some paradoxes which still provide logicians with amusement'.

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