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Whole and half steps are important when it comes to sharps and flats, because sharps and flats are inserted between whole steps to make half steps. Whole steps and half steps on the keyboard. Pinching ’em Upward Music Speak Sharps are alterations to music notes that raise any individual note upward by one half step. 44 Sharps raise any white key one half step upward (to the right). You know, for example, that C and D are two adjacent white keys on the keyboard. They represent a whole step. Looking at them, you can also see that a black key lies between them, dividing the whole step into a half step.

Grace Notes By the way, the plural of staff is sometimes written as staves, but I use the less elegant form of staffs, because I’m trying to cut down on the elegance. It’s fattening. 35 Part 2 ➤ Give Yourself a Hand Expression Marks In addition to the notes and clefs on the staff, written music is filled with various lines, symbols, and abbreviations that indicate how the notes should be played. All the variations that give music its character can be indicated on the printed page. Here’s a quick rundown of the basic types of expression marks: Music Speak Dynamics is defined as how loudly or softly you play, or the gradations between very loud and very soft.

Concert benches. The Mercedes of piano seats, concert benches are luxuriously (but firmly) padded affairs with circular knobs on each side of the seat. Turning the knobs raises or lowers the sitting surface. These benches are heavy! As a result, they are also very solid, stable, and durable. Not to mention expensive. Normally, concert benches are not included in the cost of a piano—you must buy them separately. Key Thought The bench top hinges open, revealing a compartment where kids who are resistant to their piano lessons try to hide the sheet music they should be practicing.

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