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By Dr. med. habil. László Záborszky (auth.)

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Nucleus VIP,CCK SP, ANG, VIP, ENK, SS, NT + SP, VIP, SS ++ ENK, NT, SP VIP, ENK, SS ± VIP, CCK, SS VIP, SP, SS VIP, NT, SS + + ++ ++ + + + ++ ++ + ± + + + ++ ++++ ++++ + + + ++ + Hippocampus (v. subiculum) SS, VIP, CCK + + +++++ +++ + ++ ++++ ± ± + + +++ - no labeled cells, ± 1 cell/animal, + 1 cell/section, ++ < 5 cells/section, +++ < 10 cells/section, ++++< 20 cells/section, +++++ > 20 cells/section For other abbreviations, see Table 1 ventromedial part of the MFB. Fibers descending from the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis and the lateral septal nucleus may run either in the ventromedial part of MFB or in the medial hypothalamus or periventricularly.

1978a) in the tenninals of the MBH. Lacking direct evidence, it cannot be established whether labeled cells contain neuropeptides and/or biogenic arnines. 3 Serotoninergic Afferentation Of all the MBH regions, the most massive projection from the raphe (mainly, the central superior and linear nuclei) is directed toward the rostral part of the periventri- cular nucleus. According to our biochemical studies, the major part of the extrahypothalamic serotonin content of the arcuate nucleus is derived from the dorsal raphe nucleus.

HRP data suggest that supramamillary, caudal periventricular cells also project to the NA. This area corresponds in localization to AlO-AII dopamingergic cell groups (Dahlstrom and Fuxe 1964). These findings indicate that a fraction of the dopamine present in the NA is localized to terminals of extrahypothalamic axons. Median Eminence. After the separate lesioning of all catecholaminergic cell groups studied (AI, A2, A6, A7, A8), a 20%-40% decrease of the noradrenaline level was found in the ME.

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