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By Martin Lenz, Isabel Iribarren

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The character and houses of angels occupied a in demand position in medieval philosophical inquiry. Creatures of 2 worlds, angels supplied excellent flooring for exploring the character of God and his construction, being perceived as 'models' in response to which a complete diversity of questions have been outlined, from cosmological order, circulate and position, to individuation, cognition, volition, and modes of language. This selection of essays is an important scholarly contribution to angelology, targeted at the functionality and value of angels in medieval hypothesis and its heritage. The unifying subject matter is that of the position of angels in philosophical inquiry, the place each one contribution represents a case research within which the angelic version is obvious to encourage advancements in particular components and sessions of medieval philosophical proposal.

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So, of course, do Alan of Lille and William of Auvergne but with an important difference. Alan and William bring the Dionysian hierarchies up to date to the extent of supplying details that had contemporary resonances. They modernize by substituting twelfth- and thirteenthcentury realities for fifth-century ones. They have their own aims and purposes. Alan, for example, is especially alert to the dangers facing the church, for example from demons, tyrants and heretics. William, on the other hand, is the champion of an organized clergy working under centralized papal government and likewise the champion of a well-organized secular kingdom.

223–35; Expositio prosae de angelis, in Alain de Lille, ed. d’Alverny, pp. 206–10; Sermo in die sancti Michaelis, in Alain de Lille, ed. d’Alverny, pp. 249–51. g. men of the cloister To invite men to love the world Men who prefer love of the world to love of God To prevent men from knowing God Wicked men who prefer to study worldly wisdom Fullness of knowledge To guide men Holy students to divine of Scripture knowledge and understanding Sitting in judgement To invite Men who judge Seducers men to justly and not of men discriminate rashly between good and evil Prelates and terrestrial princes who do not uphold the order of justice To teach men to obey and to revere their leaders Men who disobey their superiors and rule their inferiors unreasonably Hyperphany = Dominations Obedient to media visio (qui superiors; set huiusilluminat over inferiors ionis particeps est altiori intelligentia insignitur) Principalities Rulers of the (from iper = lower orders post and phanes = apparitio) Powers The chief function of the angelic orders towards men Invigilators of demons and of the airy powers Men who duly To invite obey their men to prelates and rule disobey their subjects reasonably Men who rule To instruct princes how their subjects to rule their justly people (or to teach men how to show reverence to rulers) Promoters Men who of tyrannical prefer to governments dominate their subjects rather than be of benefit to them To teach men how to resist demonic temptations To resist Men who the Powers suggest evils to others Defenders of the good against the wicked; virile opponents of diabolic suggestions HIERARCHIES IN THE WRITINGS Hypophany = inferior visio (from ipo = sub and phanes = visio) 19 Virtues Agents of divine miracles Men with a To deceive special talent men with for performing prestigia wonders Men who pursue prestigia and divinations Archangels Messengers for greater heavenly pronouncements WellTo suggest intentioned abominable preachers heresies of the more sublime truths concerning God Inventors of abominable heretical testimonies concerning God Angels Messengers for lesser heavenly announcements Protectors of those beneath them; teachers and preachers of lesser truths Lesser heretics deceived by greater ones To suggest falsehoods concerning God Sources among Alan’s writings: Hierarchia, ed.

6vb–7ra: ‘conformans se phylosophie grecorum cuius et in quorum lingua hoc evangelium scribebat, utitur nominibus abstractis et sepe cum articulis in designationem precellentie et transcendentie divine. ’ 30 LSHA, fol. 145va, cap. ’ This definition encompasses both the celestial hierarchy, where the order of dignities is included in the acts and habits of grace, and the ecclesiastical hierarchy, where these terms are merely connected together. 31 Summa, vol. 1, q. 48, p. 759. DEPLATONISING THE CELESTIAL HIERARCHY 37 for the number of fallen angels in the celestial court.

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