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18—23. See also Leechdoms, ed. Cockayne II. 30 Medical texts of the Anglo-Saxons nothing more of either Bald or Cild; we do not even know if Cild was the compiler of the book or simply its scribe. The third part of the manuscript, Leechbook ///, has been overshadowed by Bald's Leechbook, being a much shorter and simpler compilation, but it is equally deserving of our attention, for it is the only surviving representative in Old English of the standard medical recipe book, that is, a collection of remedies with little discussion of symptoms, diagnoses or prognoses.

R. Wieland, 'A Canterbury Classbook of the Mid-Eleventh Century (the "Cambridge Songs" Manuscript)', ASE 4 (1975), 113—30. Two short sets of verses on medical nomenclature have been printed twice: (1) Lapidge, 'The Hermeneutic Style', pp. 67—111, at 103—5; (2) E. Jeauneau, 'Pour le dossier d'Israel Scot', Archives d'kistoire doctrinale et litteraire du moyen age 52 (1985), 7 - 7 1 , at 20-2. About half of the remaining medical material in the manuscript has been printed as 'Das Cambridger Antidotarium' in Sigerist, Studien und Texte, pp.

1). , pp. 2). Bedae Opera de Temporibus, ed. Jones, pp. 235-7. Marcellus, De medicamentis, ed. G. Helmreich (Leipzig, 1889), pp. 5—9; also ed. Niedermann, pp. 18—35. Bedae Opera de Temporibus, ed. Jones, pp. 246-8. Theodori Prisciani Euporiston, ed. Rose. Bedae Venerabilis Expositio Actuum Apostolorum et Retractatio, ed. M. L. W. Laistner (Cambridge, MA, 1939), p. 145; Cassii Felicis De Medicina, ed. Rose, p. 122. 28 The earliest notices of medical practice time. Soon after 754, Cyneheard, bishop of Winchester, wrote to Lull, bishop of Mainz, asking Lull to keep him in mind if he acquired any books on the secular sciences such as medicine, because 'we have some medical books, but the foreign ingredients we find prescribed in them are unknown to us and difficult to obtain'.

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